Precious Cargo Trailer

Precious Cargo Trailer
We never thought we'd see the day that Saved by the Bell's Mark-Paul Gosselaar was making a bid for action-movie stardom, but it's February 25, 2016, and here we are.

Precious Cargo is the debut feature film from director Max Adams, based on a short he did in 2008. That means he's spent the last eight years thinking about how to bring this to the big screen.

In the trailer Mark-Paul Gosselaar faces off against Bruce Willis, a man who has kidnapped his lover in an effort to have him steal some... wait for it... precious cargo.

The film has a gross green hue, like the Guy Ritchie knock-offs of yesteryear, and some transcendently uninspired dialogue. The film's bad guys are referred to as "bad guys" multiple times.

It's unlikely that we'll be seeing more of Zack Morris, Action Star any time soon, but Precious Cargo does seem like it'll be a hilarious watch when it comes out this spring.

Watch the trailer for the film below.