Owner of House from 'The Goonies' Bans Visitors

Owner of House from 'The Goonies' Bans Visitors
The Astoria city of Oregon is relatively small, with a population of just under 10,000, but it has a notable claim to fame: it's place where the beloved 1985 children's adventure flick The Goonies was filmed. In fact, the owner of the house featured in the film got so fed up with the volume of tourists that she has now banned visitors.

KGW News reports that the homeowner has strung up blue tarps across the front of the home and erected a sign warning visitors, "Private Property: No Trespassing. Absolutely No One!" In other words, take your damn truffle shuffle and do it elsewhere.

There's also a handwritten plea: "Imagine that you buy a house, fix it up, spend money time and love. Then the city of Astoria encourages 100,000's of people to come and stand in front and view it. This driveway (maintained by homeowners) sees 1000+ people every day. Most are kind, fun and welcome, but many are not."

This is a change of policy for the owner, who reportedly used to welcome visitors and even gave them tours of the home. More recently, however, traffic has increased, and some late-night visitors apparently leave garbage behind.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of The Goonies, which has led to a surge in attention for both the film and the house. Watch a KGW news report on the home below. Also below, check out a video tour of the house.