Nick Kroll Says "It's Not Too Late" for a 'Wheels Ontario'/'Degrassi' Crossover

Nick Kroll Says 'It's Not Too Late' for a 'Wheels Ontario'/'Degrassi' Crossover
Arguably the greatest Canadian television show that never was, Wheels Ontario was a hilariously accurate Degrassi spoof that brought bags of milk and progressive politics to Nick Kroll's Kroll Show. According to the comedian, however, a Degrassi/Wheels Ontario crossover is still in the cards.

Speaking with The Huffington Post, Kroll said that his Wheels Ontario character Mikey was meant to make a cameo on Degrassi.

"I was going to go on Degrassi as Mikey for a cameo and the schedules just didn't line up," Kroll said. "The Degrassi people loved the show."

HuffPo also reached out to Degrassi executive producer Matt Huether, who explained that Kroll "wouldn't have been his Wheels character." He explained that Kroll would have been "more likely a teacher or something."

Since the HuffPo article was posted, however, Nick Kroll has reopened the possibility of appearing on Degrassi. Now we are desperate for this to happen.