Netflix Allegedly Told Staff Not to Make Eye Contact for More Than 5 Seconds

Its comprehensive sexual harassment policy also supposedly banned coworkers from asking for each other's phone numbers
Netflix Allegedly Told Staff Not to Make Eye Contact for More Than 5 Seconds
The #MeToo movement has resulted in Hollywood studios making some big changes, and that's certainly a good thing. In response to controversies with stars like Kevin Spacey and Danny Masterson, for example, Netflix has overhauled its sexual harassment policy. But some people are taking issue with the alleged new rules.

According to British tabloid The Sun, Netflix's new rules went into effect while shooting the next season of Black Mirror.

"Everyone was spoken to about #MeToo," an on-set runner explained. "Senior staff went to a harassment meeting to learn what is and isn't appropriate."

The most controversial alleged rule was the decision to limit eye contact between staff members. "Looking at anyone longer than five seconds is considered creepy," the runner said. "It has sparked jokes, with people looking at each other, counting to five, then diverting their eyes."

Other updates to the harassment policy claim staff members cannot flirt with one another nor ask for each other's phone numbers. Further, "lingering hugs" have been banned.

Netflix released the following statement to The Sun:

We're proud of the anti-harassment training we offer to our productions. We want every Netflix production to be a safe and respectful working environment. We believe the resources we offer empower people on our sets to speak up, and shouldn't be trivialized.