Nathan Fielder Is Sending Sean Spicer a Summit Ice Jacket

Hopefully it will teach Spicer what really happened in World War II
Nathan Fielder Is Sending Sean Spicer a Summit Ice Jacket
Though he's somehow made a career out of bad press flubs, yesterday was a remarkably bad one for White House press secretary Sean Spicer. In an awkward moment fit for Curb Your Enthusiasm, Spicer said that Hitler didn't use chemical weapons on his own people (he did) and referred to gas chambers as "Holocaust centres." Now, Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder is hoping to help Spicer with some Holocaust awareness.

The Nathan for You host launched his Summit Ice clothing brand in Season 3 as a response to Taiga, the outerwear company that featured an anti-Semitic Holocaust denier in its company-wide newsletter. The express purpose of Summit Ice is to raise Holocaust awareness.

Aside from its humourous tone, Summit Ice is a real charity. Proceeds from the jackets have raised $150,000 USD for the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, which Fielder dropped off in person last month.

Now, he's hoping a Summit Ice jacket will help Spicer understand exactly what went down in Germany during World War II. Fielder tweeted an image of a FedEx box addressed to Spicer along with an XL jacket.

It's the sort of bone-dry humour that Fielder has become known for, but it might be a little too out there for Spicer to get the message. After all, this is a guy who unironically retweeted The Onion without realizing they were making fun of him.