'Mythic Quest' to Return with "Post-Pandemic" Special Ahead of Season 2 Premiere

'Mythic Quest' to Return with 'Post-Pandemic' Special Ahead of Season 2 Premiere
As Mythic Quest Season 2 approaches, Apple TV+ has announced the gamer-minded comedy will first return with a new standalone special.

Following a quarantine special, Rob McElhenney's comedy will return on April 16 for a one-off episode called "Everlight." The half-hour special will find the Mythic Quest team returning to their offices and co-workers following lockdown for their annual Everlight party.

The special will also feature Anthony Hopkins serving as a special guest and lending his voice acting talents to the episode.

"'Everlight' is a special episode that addresses the practical and emotional difficulties of returning to normalcy," said McElhenney in a statement. "It's full of hope and joy and optimism for a bright future. Ahead of our upcoming second season, we felt it was the perfect way (and the perfect time) to invite the audience back into the world of Mythic Quest."

Of course, with Canada entering a third wave in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and with case numbers reaching their highest points ever, we've yet to see much return to any sort of normalcy. So despite what McElhenney says, it may not be "the perfect time" for some sort of "post-pandemic" comedy.

As for Mythic Quest Season 2, it's set to premiere on May 7.