'My Pet Dinosaur' Looks Like the Shitty 'E.T.' Knockoff We Deserve

'My Pet Dinosaur' Looks Like the Shitty 'E.T.' Knockoff We Deserve
We tried to warn you, but you didn't listen and now we're doomed to face the consequences for the next few years. Yes, because you all blew a gasket about just how much you loved Stranger Things, we're now set for a long slog of uninspired '80s nostalgia. Up next is My Pet Dinosaur, a terrible and cheap-looking E.T. knockoff.

The trailer for My Pet Dinosaur offers all the benchmarks of a fake Spielberg feature, including a sprightly score and shots of tweens riding their bikes into the forest at dusk.

Swapping out the beloved extra-terrestrial with a terrible CGI dinosaur, the trailer follows the exact structure of E.T., from hiding the monster in a bedroom to saving it from a government agency. That said, they make the most of modern technology by having their dino dude ride a Roomba.

To be clear, E.T. knockoffs can be a ton of fun. Just look at Mac & Me, or all sorts of strange foreign pornos. My Pet Dinosaur, however, looks like an exhausting slog.

Regardless, we can look forward to plenty more uninspired '80s knockoffs, all because you tweeted "OMG I love Eleven" so many times.

Watch the My Pet Dinosaur trailer below [via The Hollywood Reporter].