'Muppet Babies' Is Getting Rebooted

'Muppet Babies' Is Getting Rebooted
Last year, ABC showed so much promise with their mockumentary-style television series The Muppets. Thanks to a muddled tone and fundamental misunderstanding of how the beloved characters should interact, however, the show fell apart. Can Disney have better luck with Muppet Babies?

They'll try their hardest, as the company is rebooting the Muppets spinoff for a new children's series set to debut in 2018.

The CGI show will include two 11-minute stories per episode, and will air on the Disney Junior network. The show will be geared toward children from the ages of four to seven. That said, they're also hoping to score some nostalgic viewers as well.

"Bringing Muppet Babies to Disney Junior is a wonderful opportunity to reach a new generation of viewers and to creatively build on the innovative original series," said Muppets Studio vice president Debbie McClellan. "We hope to engage and delight the nostalgic fans while also entertaining new kids, parents and diverse audiences through heart and humor as only the Muppets can deliver."  

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