Misery Signals to Be Explored in New Documentary

Misery Signals to Be Explored in New Documentary
While celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their Of Malice and the Magnum Heart LP on tour in 2014, Misery Signals also kept the cameras rolling for a feature-length documentary. Now, details about the band's film have emerged.

Titled Yesterday Was Everything, the doc was directed by Matthew Mixon and finds Misery Signals on "an intimate journey of reconciliation as they find healing in the present by confronting the demons of their past."

Specifically, Mixon's film follows the band reuniting with former vocalist Jesse Zaraska following his departure from the group a decade prior, travelling from Vancouver to Toronto "as they face old ghosts and attempt to reconcile the past."

In a statement, guitarist Ryan Morgan had this to say about the film:

Mixon's film plays like a love letter to the independent music experience. You get a seat right there in the tour van as we grapple with the challenges of the road and attempt to create authentic music together. For those outside of the band's audience YWE allows an inside look at a scene they might be unaware of. It strikes me that my bandmates and the others in the film bear little resemblance to the "metalhead" archetype. And you do get an intimate look at us, as scary as that is, you get three dimensions that include our failings and flaws. But that's what I think sets the film apart from other music documentaries I've seen. There's a vulnerability that anyone can relate to, and I think everyone walks away with a better understanding. Especially us.

Yesterday Was Everything arrives June 30 on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. A theatrical screening will take place at Edmonton's Metro Cinema on June 20, with partial proceeds being donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Watch a trailer for the film in the player below.