'The Mighty Boosh' Team at Work on 'Mindhorn' Film

'The Mighty Boosh' Team at Work on 'Mindhorn' Film
Best known as one half of the British comedy The Mighty Boosh, Julian Barrett has put the finishing touches on a new comedy film called Mindhorn.

He cowrote the film with his Mighty Boosh writing partner Simon Barnaby, and it will be the first feature film directed by theatre director Sean Foley.

It's unclear whether or not Barrett will star in the film or if he just wrote it (or if his Boosh cohort Noel Fielding will take a break from guesting on British quiz shows long enough to get involved).

Either way, the film sounds like it'll be right up the alley of Boosh fans. It follows an MI5 operative named Bruce Mindhorn who was captured in the late 1980s and had one of his eyes replaced with an optical lie detector allowing him to "see the truth."

The film takes place on the Isle of Man, where it will begin officially shooting next month.

Thanks to Deadline for the tip.