Mel Gibson Faces Backlash After Being Cast as Wealthy Jewish Patriarch in Rothschild Comedy

The "black comedy" is being accused of having anti-Semitic roots
Mel Gibson Faces Backlash After Being Cast as Wealthy Jewish Patriarch in Rothschild Comedy
Photo via Georges Biard
Mel Gibson has slowly but surely attempting to rehabilitate his career over the last decade, but his latest role has many recalling his history of anti-Semitism. 

According to Deadline, Gibson has been cast to play a wealthy Jewish patriarch opposite Shia LaBeouf in a new black comedy from Stan & Ollie director Jon S. Baird. The film is called Rothchild, a clear nod to the super wealthy Rothschild family.

In the film, LaBeouf will play an outcast from the Rothchild family who decides he wants to get back into his father's good books. The film was written by John Patton Ford and was featured on the 2014 Blacklist of best unproduced scripts. 

Producer Keith Kjarval said, "Rothchild is a satirical and thrilling ride, and I am elated to be working with a filmmaker like Jon Baird, who not only has an incredible track record of guiding award-winning performances, but is crafting this film to be an action packed cautionary tale on wealth and power."

That said, the announcement has not been met with a warm welcome. As critics of the casting are quick to point out, Gibson was famously recorded saying "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" during a DUI arrest in 2006. In 2010, he was recorded making racist remarks (including use of the N-word) in a voicemail to an ex. 

Further, the Rothschilds have been subject to conspiracy theories for nearly two centuries, many of which are tied to anti-Semitic and racist groups. The first accusation of the Jewish family controlling world finance dates back to an 1846 French pamphlet called "Rothschild I King of the Jews," as The Times reports. 

More recently, conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds being connected to the Illuminati and the New World Order have been propagated by right-leaning media personalities like Alex Jones. 

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