Man Rents 'Central Intelligence' from Redbox, Gets Senior Porn DVD Instead

Man Rents 'Central Intelligence' from Redbox, Gets Senior Porn DVD Instead
A California man in search of some Rock/Hart action was instead treated to some rock hard action as the Central Intelligence DVD he rented turned out to be a pornographic film.

As Fox reports, David Morris rented the comedy-action flick from a Redbox located in a Walmart parking lot in his hometown of Dixon, California. "Definitely not what I was expecting that night," he said.

When he popped the DVD into his player, a mature film started playing — and we mean really mature. "It wasn't a typical porno movie," Morris said. "It was old people in their sixties or seventies. That's what shocked us. We thought it was a bad preview for some cheesy movie. But as it progressed we were like, 'No, this is the real deal.' So we stopped it. And we took it out of the DVD player."

The X-rated film was the result of a prank, as someone had printed out a Central Intelligence DVD label and placed it over top of a pornographic DVD label, then returned it to the machine. "It was [called], and there was a big explicit sign on it. I only peeled it back about half way," Morris said of the fake label.

While Morris and his wife say they found the prank funny, they were concerned about the way Redbox handled the whole situation. "They didn't even say sorry," Morris added. "They just kept offering me more credits for movies, after I asked to talk to a manager. I didn't want anymore credits. I wanted to know how this happened."

Fox reached out to Redbox, who explained that in order to get rid of the pornographic film they would need to send a technician to the machine in the Walmart parking lot.

To avoid late fees or penalties, Morris returned the DVD to the machine. "I felt guilty returning it like, what if someone else gets it," he said. "But I tried to re-rent it and it didn't let me."