Lisa Frank's Garish Artwork Is Getting Its Own Movie

Lisa Frank's Garish Artwork Is Getting Its Own Movie
While Stranger Things have got the world in a tizzy of '80s nostalgia, few things work as well as screaming "remember the '90s?" into the pop culture abyss. Fortunately, studio executives have found one '90s property that hasn't been mined for movie profit just yet — the colourful world of Lisa Frank's artwork.

The incredibly bright, garish company that has won over the world of backpacks, binders and puffy stickers will one day hit the big screen, as a hybrid live-action/animated movie is in the works. 

The film is being written by Jon Shestack, who recently produced the young adult adaptation Before I Fall

In a statement, Frank spoke about the project. "I have always wanted to do a feature film that brings the world of Lisa Frank to life," she said. "We have so much backstory on our characters and they have been alive in my imagination since the beginning."

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for the tip.