'Last Man on Earth' Just Killed Off Most of the Republican Party

'Last Man on Earth' Just Killed Off Most of the Republican Party
Mike Pence photo by Gage Skidmore
Last Man on Earth is not necessarily a political show (unless, of course, you consider Will Forte and Kristen Schaal getting drunk and smooching in the Oval Office a political act). Last night (March 5), however, they successfully trolled the Republican party by killing off most of its members.

The episode was called "Got Milk?" and revisited the early days of a virus that wiped out much of humanity. It starred Kristen Wiig as a wealthy woman named Pamela Brinton. She watches as the virus slowly takes its toll on everyone in her life.

In one scene, Pamela is convinced that the president must have a cure for the virus. We then learn that the president has succumbed to its power. But it's not who you expect — apparently, in this world Trump has already been impeached, as it's President Mike Pence who dies.

From there, all of Pence's successors are killed by the virus too. In the episode, Paul Ryan, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos all die. 

Watch the quick joke that's pissing off a massive group of right-wing people below.