Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Are Shooting 'A Star Is Born' Scenes at Coachella

You can be an extra, but don't even think about wearing a pink 'Joanne' cowboy hat
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Are Shooting 'A Star Is Born' Scenes at Coachella
Bradley Cooper is gearing up to make his directorial debut with a remake of the 1954 Judy Garland- and James Mason-starring classic, A Star Is Born — and nothing tells the success story of a burgeoning star like a headlining set at Coachella. It only makes sense then that Lady Gaga is spending her time between festival weekends shooting scenes for the upcoming flick.
Lady Gaga and Cooper will co-star in the film, and they are filming on location in Indio, CA, this week. Adapting the story of a young starlet coming up under the guidance of a washed-up entertainer, the film will find the pair recreating a massive country concert on the actual Coachella stages.
Cooper, Gaga and the crew are scheduled to film on the festival grounds tomorrow (April 18) and Wednesday (April 19), and fans are invited to join the crowd. An invitation is seeking Little Monsters to "help cheer and applaud their performances on camera," while wearing denim and boots. Hat-wise, the invite advises attendees to "throw on a Stetson" and "leave those pink Joanne hats at home."
Tickets to attend the filming event cost $10, and all proceeds will go to Gaga's Born This Way Foundation. Full details can be found here.
The second weekend of Coachella is slated to get underway from April 21 to 23. A Star Is Born, meanwhile, is scheduled to hit theatres on September 18, 2018.