King Of The Hill: Season 4

King of the Hill has never used the element of surprise as a theme in its shows. More than any other device, this show enjoys poking fun at the routine, mundane, matter of fact aspects of life. So is it any surprise that the last two DVD sets have featured no extras? By Season 4 this was a show in its prime, before Fox started moving its timeslot and eroding the post-Simpsons fan base that had so diligently been built up. Having outlasted its initial character and plot strategies, King Of The Hill started to expand its scope. Bobby Hill's comedy stylings are explored with increasing absurdity, Peggy's vanity is the subject of no fewer than three episodes (including a fantastic show involving her size 16 feet and a fetish website) and of course, Hank's fixation on keeping up normal appearances reaches a new mania in at least a half-dozen shows. In the case of an animated show, success translates to A-list guests. Season 4 contains memorable cameos from such hot stars of the Red States in 1999 as Dixie Chicks, Drew Carey, and Heather Locklear. The season ending episode is a gift to country fans, with Randy Travis hilariously showing the world what an evil bastard he is by stealing one of Peggy's songs, while Brooks and Dunn, Wynonna Judd, Clint Black and Charlie Daniels all get great lines. There are as many great episodes as merely good ones in Season 4; let's hope Fox will finally spend some time and money to make Season 5 more collectible than my old VHS tapes. Plus: Spanish/English subtitles, attractive case to prevent fall-apart. (Fox)