Kenji Kawai's Original 'Ghost in the Shell' Soundtrack Gets First Official Vinyl Release

Kenji Kawai's Original 'Ghost in the Shell' Soundtrack Gets First Official Vinyl Release
This Friday (March 31) marks the anticipated release of the new Ghost in the Shell film. And while the new Scarlett Johansson-starring movie has a soundtrack of its own coming out, We Release Whatever the Fuck We Want Records will at long last be treating Kenji Kawai's legendary soundtrack to the original animated film to an official vinyl release.

While Kawai's score to Mamoru Oshii's 1995 film has been heavily bootlegged over the years, this will mark its first-ever official vinyl release, which is slated to arrive in June. As FACT reports, the reissue will be cut from the original master reels at Emil Berliner Studios and will come as two editions. There will be a standard LP, as well as a limited collector's edition that will feature a bonus 7-inch, an OBI strip and 24-page liner notes.

In a statement, the label said, "For its iconic main theme 'Making of Cyborg,' Kawai had a choir chant a wedding song in ancient Japanese following Bulgarian folk harmonies setting the standard for a timeless and unparalleled soundtrack that admirably echoes the film's musings on the nature of humanity in a technologically advanced world."

You can check out the tracklist below, where you can also listen to Kawai's soundtrack.

News of this Ghost in the Shell reissue follows WRWTFWW's recent reissue of Midori Takada's brilliant ambient masterpiece Into the Looking the Glass.

Ghost in the Shell:

A1. 謡I – Making Of Cyborg

A2. Ghosthack

A3. Puppetmaster

A4. Virtual Crime

A5. 謡II – Ghost City

B1. Access

B2. Nightstalker

B3. Floating Museum

B4. Ghostdive

B5. 謡III – Reincarnation

 Bonus 7-inch:

A1. 挿入歌 毎天見一見! (See You Everyday)