​Jordan Peele Responds to 'Get Out' Competing as a Comedy at the Golden Globes

"'Get Out' is a documentary"
​Jordan Peele Responds to 'Get Out' Competing as a Comedy at the Golden Globes
Jordan Peele may have an impressive comedic background, but with his debut feature film Get Out, he served up a not-so-easy-to-categorize combination of horror and satire. Nevertheless, with awards season just around the corner, it was revealed yesterday (November 14) that the film will be competing at the Golden Globes in the comedy and musical categories. And it's that comedy designation that has quickly drawn a good amount of online backlash — something Peele has now waded into.
This morning (November 15), the director himself has spoken out about the unusual categorization, taking to Twitter to offer up his own suggestion. See his joking response below.
It was Universal that submitted the film as a comedy contender, which may seem odd at first, but as Exclaim!'s reviewer noted, the film "has its share of the kind of funny moments that you'd expect from one half of Key & Peele" — even if the prevailing tone is a lot more "creepy and unsettling."
Plus, nominations in the comedy categories often give films a better chance of getting recognition, so Get Out may stand to see a performance nod for leading man Daniel Kaluuya and maybe even a director nod for Peele.
In addition to critical praise and anticipated awards, Get Out also garnered tremendous box office success, becoming the highest grossing directorial debut from an original screenplay.