Johnny Jewel Unveils 'Windswept' Album, Shares New Video

The release features new music composed for Season 3 of 'Twin Peaks'
Johnny Jewel Unveils 'Windswept' Album, Shares New Video
Johnny Jewel may have destroyed every copy of Chromatics' long-awaited new album Dear Tommy, but the noir-pop maestro has not been slacking. Among his many projects, we learned that Jewel was set to make music for the new season of Twin Peaks. Now, we've learned that his soundtrack work will be released as a standalone solo album.

The news comes, once again, from Alexis Rivera of Echo Park Records. Over on Twitter, she confirmed that Jewel will release a new solo album called Windswept on May 10 via Italians Do It Better.

Though it functions as a solo album, Windswept features music composed for Twin Peaks. It also includes collaborations with Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire and Heaven.

Rather than make us keep waiting, Jewel has shared a music video for the album's title track. Watch it below.

Johnny Jewel also recently treated the Home soundtrack to a vinyl release, as well as A Beautiful Now. The Lost River vinyl box set, meanwhile, is still listed as "coming soon."


1. Television Snow
2. Windswept
3. Saturday
4. Missing Pages
5. The Crimson Kiss
6. Strobe Lights
7. Heaven
8. Slow Dreams
9. Insomnia
10. Motel
11. Between Worlds
12. The Flame
13. Stardust
14. Blue Moon