Johnny Depp Was 2015's Most Overpaid Actor

Johnny Depp Was 2015's Most Overpaid Actor
Sentient accessory rack Johnny Depp is not the Hollywood heart-throb he once was. The numbers prove that, as the goofy, goateed actor has just been named Hollywood's most overpaid actor of 2015.

Depp's dishonourable designation comes from a new Forbes list that compares actors' estimated salaries with their box office return.

The magazine looked at all major releases before June of 2015, ignoring small roles, animated films and movies that were released on less than 2,000 screens.

Depp shattered the competition thanks to his two stinkers Mortdecai and Transcendence (the latter of which saw hims star as a talking computer), making an estimated $1.20 for every dollar spent on his movies. 

Johnny Depp's Black Mass wasn't included in the list due to the June cut off, though it likely wouldn't have made much of a difference as the film has barely cleared its $50 million budget since opening in September.

In fact, Depp completely destroyed the competition when it came to wasting studios' money. Second on the list was Denzel Washington, who still brought in $6.50 for every dollar, and Will Ferrell took third place with $6.80 per dollar.

Check out the full list of overpaid actors below.

1. Johnny Depp — $1.20 per $1
2. Denzel Washington — $6.50 per $1
3. Will Ferrell — $6.80 per $1
4. Liam Neeson — $7.80 per $1
5. Will Smith — $8.60 per $1
6. Christian Bale — $9.20 per $1
7. Channing Tatum — $10.80 per $1
8. Brad Pitt — $12.00 per $1
9. Ben Affleck — $12.30 per $1
10. Tom Cruise — $13.60 per $1