John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Music to 'The Thing' Is Coming to Vinyl for the First Time Ever

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Music to 'The Thing' Is Coming to Vinyl for the First Time Ever
When Ennio Morricone's classic soundtrack to The Thing was reissued earlier this year, we voiced our disappointment over the omission of director John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's musical contributions — which until this point have never made their way to vinyl. At long last, though, the scoring pair's tracks will finally arrive on wax via a new reissue.

Following Waxwork Records' vinyl reissue of The Thing — which mirrored the original soundtrack release — a new vinyl reissue of the soundtrack to Carpenter's 1982 film will arrive on December 15, according to retail listings. And this reissue will be quite a bit different than previously vinyl releases, coming with a much different tracklist that finally includes the more electronically geared compositions from Carpenter and Howarth.

Since the history to the soundtrack of The Thing is a complicated one, we'll let the press release explain:

The movie's final soundtrack... would be a combination of both Morricone and Carpenter's sensibilities. Characteristically, Morricone did not compose his score to picture. He composed many pieces of music inspired by the film he'd watched and by the directions he'd received from Carpenter. The music would be edited to fit the film as Carpenter wanted. During the post-production process, Carpenter decided he needed more music for the film and worked with collaborator Alan Howarth to produce some additional electronic music.

The original 1982 soundtrack release for
The Thing featured Ennio Morricone's score for the film, including a wealth of music that ultimately did not get used in the film. For this new release of music from The Thing, the music has been produced and arranged by Alan Howarth and Larry Hopkins, to include newly recorded renderings of the Morricone music (including recreations of the tracks not used in the film) and Howarth has also provided new performances of the music he produced for the film with John Carpenter, making their premiere appearance on this album. The music is presented in a sequence closer to film order.

You can see the new tracklist below, and you can compare it to original soundtrack's tracklist used by Waxwork over here. As some hardcore Thing fans will notice, this new vinyl release mirrors the CD reissue from 2011.

The new vinyl reissue of The Thing will arrive via Notefornote, and that's the reissue's cover art above.

The Thing:

1. Main Title
2. Main Theme - Desolation
3. Humanity 2
4. Despair
5. Humanity
6. Shape
7. Burn It
8. Solitude
9. Fuchs
10. To Mac's Shack
11. Wait
12. Sterilization
13. Eternity
14. Contamination
15. Bestiality
16. Main Theme - End Credit