Joe Exotic Pens Letter from Prison Saying "I'll Be Dead in 2-3 Months"

The 'Tiger King' star has written about his medical issues while claiming "the pandemic is over"
Joe Exotic Pens Letter from Prison Saying 'I'll Be Dead in 2-3 Months'
The story of Joe Exotic has taken another dark turn, as the viral Tiger King star has written a letter from jail predicting that he will "be dead in 2-3 months."

In a two-page letter addressed to "supporters, fans, loved ones" acquired by TMZ, the former zookeeper begins by claiming that "the pandemic is over" and reiterating his request for Donald Trump to pardon him.

The letter reads, "My soul is dead, I struggle every day to hold onto what little hope I can find."

Exotic claims to have an immune deficiency called CVID, along with the blood condition hemoglobinemia. Exotic says that, having not received proper medical treatment, he has been losing weight and has sores that won't heal.

According to Joe Exotic: "I'll be dead in 2-3 months. It's like I have been sent to death row, they stopped all of my medication except one, this place is hell on Earth."

The letter also addresses his husband Dillon Passage. According to the incarcerated star, he hasn't received any letters from his husband, although friends have been sending photos of Dillon "having a party while I live in this hell." He asks everyone to stop sending him photos of Dillon having fun without him.

He also warns supporters against donating to any of his legal funds, "except on my private FB."

Read the full handwritten letter here.

Last week, it was revealed that Joe Exotic's enemy Carole Baskin has taken ownership of Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.