'Jeopardy' Finally Lifts Ban on Canadian Contestants

'Jeopardy' Finally Lifts Ban on Canadian Contestants
Earlier this year, the long-running game show Jeopardy revealed that it was no longer allowing Canadian contestants. We grieved in the form of a question — why have thou forsaken us? Fortunately, the grieving has come to an end, because the show (hosted by Sudbury's own Alex Trebek) is back in business with Canucks.

As the CBC reports, the show's FAQ section was quietly updated to reveal that "Canadians are eligible" to compete on the series.

Earlier this year, Alex Trebek promised Justin Trudeau that the show would soon be reopened to Canadians while receiving the key to the city in Ottawa.

That said, a rep from the Jeopardy team responded to the CBC with filthy lies: "Canadians were always allowed to play on the show and were represented throughout last season. There was never a 'ban.'"

Despite the confusion, everything is now settled. Let's all sign up for Jeopardy and win some American dollars.