Jeffrey Tambor Accuser Van Barnes Shares Statement About His Firing: "He Has Done This to Himself"

Jeffrey Tambor Accuser Van Barnes Shares Statement About His Firing: 'He Has Done This to Himself'
Jeffrey Tambor was recently let go from Amazon's Transparent following multiple allegations of sexual harassment on the set of the show. Since then, the actor has spoken out against the firing, calling the decision "deeply flawed and biased toward the toxic politicized atmosphere that afflicted our set." In response, his accuser Van Barnes has shared a new statement.

Having previously accused him of verbal abuse, demeaning insults, invitations to start a romantic affair and unwanted "butt pats," Barnes now says that Tambor alone is responsible for his firing from Transparent

Via a statement released to The Hollywood Reporter, she said, "I stand by my truths," adding that she takes no pleasure in Tambor's firing, particularly in the way it has jeopardized employment for a number of transgender people.

Barnes is one of three people who have accused Tambor of sexual misconduct on set of the show, though some people still stand by the actor. His Arrested Development co-star David Cross, for example, recently spoke out in support of Tambor.

Read Barnes' full statement below.

For two years I worked as Mr. Tambor's personal assistant during the filming of the Amazon show Transparent, as well as assisting him on other projects and in his private life. During this time, I experienced an extremely volatile work environment, which included frequent and persistent sexual harassment, physical harassment, verbal abuse, and abuse of power by Mr. Tambor. During this time, I made several attempts to address Mr. Tambor's inappropriate behavior with both executives of the show as well as with Mr. Tambor's personal management team at the Burstein Co., all to no avail. Mr. Tambor's assertion that these accusations were never revealed or discussed with him are completely ludicrous. In January 2017, when it was clear to me that things would not change with Mr. Tambor, I quit working as his assistant.

In November 2017, Jill Solloway's company, Topple Productions, took steps to investigate Mr. Tambor's behavior on the set of
Transparent in light of the accusations by not only me, but my fellow castmate, Trace Lysette, as well. An outside legal investigative firm specializing in employment-related harassment was hired and they conducted a thorough three-month long investigation. The investigation was extremely professional, exhaustingly thorough and all encompassing.

For Mr. Tambor to now characterize this investigation as "biased" and "politicized" is an insult to the numerous people he has worked with through the years who were forced to participate in an investigation created by his own actions. Mr. Tambor's lengthy abuse and harassment of me continues to haunt me and is a clear indication of how we got to this point.

I take no celebration in the firing of Mr. Tambor from
Transparent, because this man's actions have jeopardized many people's jobs, especially many transgender people struggling to find work in Hollywood.

I do however believe it is just. He has done this to himself.

I have stood behind my #metoo post, because as it took shape I realized that I had an opportunity to protect the next victim and to challenge my employer to take an important position for transgender employment protection. All of these events are completely unfortunate and I am forever changed by this. This has and continues to be a long road towards recovery and forward movement. It is highly unfortunate that Mr. Tambor has chosen to lash out at myself, Jill Solloway, and others, rather than accept accountability for his actions.

I stand by my truths.