Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi: The Next Generation

This collection of the three episodes from last year's Kevin Smith-starring stint on the new Degrassi offers more than enough in extras to make up for the overall cheese factor of the current Degrassi incarnation. While the episodes were fairly drab and uninspired by comparison to the show's first (and best) generation, guest stars Smith and Jason Mewes (Jay) were shining beacons of hilarity, portraying slightly altered versions of themselves. Arriving in Toronto to shoot his next film, Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?, Smith, like all good Canadian boys, falls for Caitlin Ryan. The resulting arc ends the season on a characteristically dark note, with a prom/ninja fight scene and tears, courtesy of one Joey Jeremiah. Designed for fans of Smith, as opposed to fans of the show, the disc is loaded with extras, including hilariously profane commentaries courtesy of Smith, Mewes, Stacie Mistysyn, producer Jim Jackman and writer Aaron Martin. An interview with Kevin Smith fleshes out the writer/director's love for the series in extensive detail, and numerous bloopers and deleted scenes display the natural comedic talents of Smith and Mewes. Even if you didn't enjoy the episodes, this release is worth the pick-up for any Smith fan. Plus: Integrated deleted footage, complete ninja fight scene, photo album, bios, character profiles. (Alliance Atlantis)