Jason Mraz Tried to Sabotage Himself on 'Dancing with the Stars' Because He Missed His Cat

How bisexual of him

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jul 3, 2024

Having swapped his fedora for a pair of dancing shoes, Jason Mraz came in second on Season 32 of Dancing with the Stars. Pretty impressive, especially considering he did everything in his power to get voted off the show early.

The musician spoke about his game show experience on Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Dinner's on Me podcast, saying that he originally "didn't think he had a shot at winning," but to his surprise, he lasted more than the two or three weeks he originally thought he would. "Well, two or three weeks in, I realize I'm probably going to be here the whole time," he said, before revealing he spent most of the show's run wanting to go home.

"I'm terrified. I have to cancel all my plans for the entire rest of the year, and I'm missing my cat terribly," he continued. "And I start telling my friends, 'Stop voting for me,' because the only way I can get off this show is if I don't get enough votes." He claims he also told producers that he was ready to be voted off, but they refused to rig the show against him — or for him, in his eyes.

So there you have it, if you've ever missed your cat while at work, just know that celebrities are just like us. Listen to the whole episode of the podcast below, and hear about Mraz's Dancing with the Stars woes at around the 37-minute mark. 

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