James Gandolfini Was a Huge Green Day Fan

According to 'The Sopranos' co-star Michael Imperioli, the late actor made a habit of listening to 'Dookie' on set

BY Allie GregoryPublished Aug 7, 2020

Here's some unexpected trivia: did you know that late Sopranos star James Gandolfini was a huge fan of Green Day? Specifically, the actor loved their 1994 album Dookie — and apparently liked to get down to it in his trailer on the set of the HBO series.

This amazing news comes via series co-star Michael Imperioli — who played Christopher Moltisanti on the show — after he posted an old photo with Gandolfini yesterday (August 6), writing, "Jim and I at a fundraiser for my theater Studio Dante. Caesars Atlantic City 2005."

The two are pictured holding a guitar, an image to which one of his followers followed up to inquire about Gandolfini's listening habits.

"He would play the vinyl of Dookie in his trailer at work. Totally serious," Imperioli wrote in a reply.

He added: "No joke. He loved Green Day."

Earlier this year, Imperioli began hosting a rewatch podcast about the HBO series, titled Talking Sopranos

Gandolfini died of a heart attack back in 2013 at the age of 51. His last credited role was in 2014's The Drop as Cousin Marv.

See Imperioli's post below, and scroll down to see a screenshot of the exchange.


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