James Franco Will Narrate the Audiobook for Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone'

James Franco Will Narrate the Audiobook for Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone'
When not traipsing around Los Angeles dressed as Beyoncé or allegedly headbutting photographers at Lana Del Rey shows, James Franco has been working on The Disaster Artist — his flick about Tommy Wiseau and the making of the best worst movie ever, The Room. He's switching things up a bit for his next project, though, and delving into the world audiobooks.
As Entertainment Weekly reports, Franco will narrate an upcoming audiobook version of Stephen King's The Dead Zone. It's due out on April 25 through Simon & Schuster.
This will mark the first time the book has been recorded, but it isn't the first time Franco has tackled a King-related project. Last year, he starred in a Hulu adaptation of 11.22.63.
For those unfamiliar with the work, The Dead Zone tells the story of Johnny Smith, who comes out of a five-year coma with disturbing clairvoyant abilities. It previously inspired a 1983 film adaptation, as well as a 2002 television series.
"James is a terrific actor," King said in a statement about Franco's casting as the audiobook's narrator. "I knew that he would perfectly capture the vibe and voice of The Dead Zone."
Franco returned the praise in a statement of his own, which reads: "He's one of the most pleasurable authors to read or listen to. He just guides you along so well. Even though we're from different generations all his influences and things he references and subjects he's interested in seem to be all the things I'm interested in."