Issa Rae and Jordan Peele Team Up for New Movie 'Sinkhole'

Issa Rae and Jordan Peele Team Up for New Movie 'Sinkhole'
Art: Jon Merrell
Insecure's Issa Rae and filmmaker Jordan Peele are coming together for a movie based on a short story by Spokane author Leyna Krow titled Sinkhole.

The story follows a family who have just bought a house with a mystical sinkhole in the backyard that "fixes" broken and damaged things, animals and maybe even people. The story is told through the lens of an aging woman who is forced to tackle her own flaws and decide whether or not she can — or should — fix them.

Here's an excerpt from Krow's story to get you going:

I began to wonder what the sinkhole could do for me, if I put myself in it. I was thirty-eight, my body damaged from childbearing, and before that from alcohol and hair dye and music that was too loud. The usual things. Adulthood wore down my character, too. I was impulsive and at times forgetful. No great crimes. But wouldn't my family be happier with an improved me? Wouldn't I be happier?

Universal has secured the rights to the story and will lead production through a five-year deal signed with Peele's Monkeypaw Productions. So far, no word on who will direct, but if it's a toss-up between Rae and Peele, it's bound to be pretty great.

The involved parties have yet to make any announcements regarding casting or the film's release schedule. Stay tuned as more details emerge.

Read Krow's full story here.