Is Disney Planning to Buy Netflix?

Is Disney Planning to Buy Netflix?
Earlier this year, rumours were swirling that Disney was tinkering with the idea of buying troll-friendly hell world Twitter. While it's unclear what's happening with that potential acquisition, a new potential merger is taking place as the mouse house is reportedly considering a Netflix acquisition.

The rumours first surfaced on Fortune last month, and they're gaining momentum thanks to a new Tech Crunch piece.

It all boils down to the content wars that are sweeping the media landscape. AT&T recently merged with Time Warner, and the new mega corporation is planning a streaming service to rival Netflix. Meanwhile, Disney already partnered with Netflix to make it the streaming home for its various franchises, so it could make sense.

As Tech Crunch points out, the merger would make sense given that Disney's long-time CEO Bob Iger is set to retire in 2018. It's said that media magnate Reed Hastings could step into Iger's shoes and kick off the Netflix merger.

Of course, this is all still in the rumour phase, but it could be an interesting media shake-up if it goes down.