ICE Detains Kyle and His Family in Our First 'South Park' Season 23 Teaser

ICE Detains Kyle and His Family in Our First 'South Park' Season 23 Teaser
Immigration issues are hilarious right? Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to think so. Continuing to prove that no topic is off limits, the show's forerunners have shared an upsettingly realistic clip taken from the fast-approaching season premiere of South Park Season 23.

In an excerpt from the first episode of the show's 23rd season, Eric Cartman calls ICE on Kyle and the Broflovski family. The episode is titled "Mexican Joker." If you want to see the clip, you can watch it below.

The clip shows ICE agents forcing their way into the Broflovski home while Kyle's Canadian brother cries for his mother. The kids are separated from their parents and presumably taken into custody. Eric Cartman laughs in the background while he watches with binoculars. 

U.S. immigration policies under the enforcement of ICE and Border Protection services in the recent past have resulted in illness, death and mass separation of families who seek refuge in the States. Calls to abolish ICE have been widespread since the Trump administration took office.

Season 23 of South Park premieres on Comedy Central tomorrow night (September 25). This season, the show will pass its 300th episode. As recently reported, Comedy Central announced last week that South Park will continue for another three seasons.