Hugh Jackman Reveals the Next Wolverine Movie Is Called 'Logan'

Hugh Jackman Reveals the Next Wolverine Movie Is Called 'Logan'
It's been a big week for superhero movie titles. After learning that Ben Affleck will be calling his next Dark Knight outing The Batman, Hugh Jackman has announced that his next on-screen appearance as mutton-chopped Marvel mutant Wolverine will go by the title of Logan.

Jackman confirmed the movie name today (October 5) in an Instagram post picturing a rather large billboard in New York. It portrays a small child's hand holding onto Wolverine's adamantium claw-brandishing paw.

In case you're not caught up and were wondering about the title, Logan is what people call Wolverine when he's out of costume (though the Origins series revealed back in the 2000s that he was born James Howlett).


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In addition to the movie poster, a Twitter post from film director James Mangold pictures what would appear to be a bit of the film script. If you give it a close look, "people will get hurt or killed" in Logan. It also seems to outline a fight scene in which Jackman's titular character gets hit in the head with a crowbar.
At the moment, Logan has an expected launch date of March. It's the third standalone Wolverine movie in the long-running X-Men film franchise and also stars Patrick Stewart, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez.