Hip-Hop Honeys: Tasty Flavors

Shecky Green, through his own Game Recordings, presents the second instalment in his hip-hop striptease series. Like all things in the world of rap, Hip-Hop Honeys brings together the four elements of hip-hop: beats, blunts, bitches and bling. In other words, it's a bunch of rap video models stripping, posing erotically and simulating sex, all in various stages of undress. The "dancing" is accompanied by beats from the likes of Mighty Mi, Tommy 2Face, Reef, Agallah, Swift and others. It's unlikely the models are dancing to the actual music, so director Shecky has matched the images to the beat through edits and inter-cuts between different scenes. Sadly, it gets to be annoying and negates some of the erotica of the private striptease fantasy. With the first volume of Hip-Hop Honeys, Shecky hid the exploitation of these "sexy dime pieces" by allowing them to reveal their personalities as well as their bodies through short intros and interactions with the rappers during the interlude endorsements. With Tasty Flavors, he foregoes all attempts at hiding the true purpose of Hip-Hop Honeys: "Giving you a show," according to the sample on Tommy 2Face's beat. This time there's little left of any individual personalities from the models, with the possible exception of India, following up her little rap on one of the first volume's interludes with the only vocal track on this volume. Tasty Flavors is a step down from the original, but it's on this volume that N.O.R.E. sums up Hip-Hop Honeys best: "Horndogs, you have your own DVD. And it [has] hip-hop music on it. Horndogs!" Extras: Photo gallery. (Game, 180 W. Broadway, NY, NY 10013; [email protected])