Here's What's Streaming on Shomi in July

Here's What's Streaming on Shomi in July
'Difficult People'
Summer is among us, but that doesn't mean you won't lay around in front of a fan and binge watch movies and television on your favourite device. After all, what's better for escaping the heat than basking in a cool stream. Here's everything that's coming to Shomi this July.

The streaming service will offer plenty of next-day premieres and exclusive streams of this summer's hottest television shows. We're most excited for Season 2 of Difficult People, the critically acclaimed (and endlessly snarky) comedy from Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner. The first two episodes of the season will land on July 13.

Other series hitting the service include Season 2 of Between (launching on July 1), Season 2 of Odd Mom Out (airing its third episode on July 5) and Season 2 of The Strain (July 29).

The streaming service will also exclusively offer streams of Heroes Reborn Season 1 (July 8), Royal Pains Season 7 (July 15), Dominion Season 2 (July 15), Black Sails Season 2 (July 24) and Defiance Season 3 (July 29).

There are plenty of movies hitting Shomi this month, too. They include Rio (July 1), Dead Rising 2 (July 1), The Heat (July 1), The Divergent Series: Divergent (July 1), The Rugrats Movie (July 15), The Internship (July 22), The Way Way Back (July 22) and Win Win (July 29).