Here's What's Streaming on Shomi in August

Here's What's Streaming on Shomi in August
Tis the season for streaming, and we've got you covered with all the best picks for hiding from the sun in front of your laptop of TV set. Here's everything that's coming to Shomi this August.

The streaming service will continue to serve as the Canadian spot for Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner's delightfully bratty Difficult People, which is currently killing it in its second season.

The show will also continue airing Season 2 of Odd Mom Out as well as Season 1 of Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll (coming on August 5), Season 2 of Between (August 12), Season 2 of Tyrant (August 12), Season 7 of Modern Family, Season 5 of New Girl (August 21) and new episodes of You're the Worst (August 5).

If you'd rather dig into some movies, there are plenty of options on that front as well. Shomi will offer streams of the following flicks:

Star Trek: Nemesis (August 1), American Reunion (August 5), 
I, Robot (August 5), Open Grave  (August 5), Scooby-Doo Moon Monster Madness (August 5), Words & Pictures  (August 5), Day After Tomorrow (August 12), Gotcha (August 12), Escape Plan (August 12), Lego DC Comics: Justice League vs. Bizarro World (August 12), Post Grad (August 12), The Secret of My Success (August 12), Battleship (August 19), Big Miracle (August 19), Duplicity (August 19), The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smack Down (August 19), Fruitvale Station (August 19), Admission (August 26), Batman Unlimited: Animal Instinct (August 26), Begin Again (August 26), Gulliver's Travels (August 26), How High (August 26) and Safe House (August 26).