Henry Cavill Said He's Afraid of Dating Because He Doesn't Want to Be "Called a Rapist or Something"

Now everyone's mad
Henry Cavill Said He's Afraid of Dating Because He Doesn't Want to Be 'Called a Rapist or Something'
Photo by Gage Skidmore
The #MeToo movement has created plenty of positive changes as more and more people listen to sexual misconduct survivors about their past mistreatment at the hands of men. It has also, it seems, provided plenty of opportunities for dudes to put their foot in their mouths.

Enter Henry Cavill, the actor whose Mission Impossible moustache will finally get its day in the sun later this month. In a new issue of GQ Australia, he clumsily attempted to enter the #MeToo discourse, and now everyone's angry.

"Stuff has to change, absolutely," Cavill said. "It's important to also retain the good things, which were a quality of the past, and get rid of the bad things."

Calling the conversation "delicate and careful," he went on to explain his take on flirting.

"There's something wonderful about a man chasing a woman," he said. "There's a traditional approach to that, which is nice. I think a woman should be wooed and chased, but maybe I'm old-fashioned for thinking that."

Then he dropped this nugget:

It's very difficult to do that if there are certain rules in place," he said. "Because then it's like: 'Well, I don't want to go up and talk to her, because I'm going to be called a rapist or something'. So you're like, 'Forget it, I'm going to call an ex-girlfriend instead, and then just go back to a relationship, which never really worked'. But it's way safer than casting myself into the fires of hell, because I'm someone in the public eye, and if I go and flirt with someone, then who knows what's going to happen?

"Now? Now you really can't pursue someone further than, 'No'. It's like, 'OK, cool'. But then there's the, 'Oh why'd you give up?' And it's like, 'Well, because I didn't want to go to jail?'

Naturally, the comments have set off an eruption of responses, both against and in defence of Cavill. You can read some of the conversation below.