​Hear Christina Aguilera's New Song from 'Mulan'

Stream "Loyal Brave True"
​Hear Christina Aguilera's New Song from 'Mulan'
The upcoming live-action remake of Disney's Mulan is significantly different than the original animated film, but fear not — Christina Aguilera remains on the soundtrack to the new one.
The pop singer has unveiled her new song "Loyal Brave True," which will appear on the soundtrack to the new film later this month. Of course, she appeared on the animated film's soundtrack in 1998 with her hit song "Reflection."
Aguilera has even divulged that she has re-recorded a new version of "Reflection" to appear on the new Mulan soundtrack. It's aptly titled "Reflection (2020)."
The film's director Niki Caro has even shot music videos for both of Aguilera's new tunes; they are expected to arrive later this month.
For now, stream "Loyal Brave True" below.
Mulan hits theatres on March 26. The soundtrack arrives the next day on March 27.