'Hail Satan?' Raises Interesting Questions About the Separation of Church and State Directed by Penny Lane

'Hail Satan?' Raises Interesting Questions About the Separation of Church and State Directed by Penny Lane
This documentary focuses on the modern Satanic Temple, providing the viewer with a look into their beliefs, their portrayal in the media, and a bit of history into the old vs. the modern temple. It's an interesting look into an organization that is known for being very controversial in the media.
The organization spends a lot of their time trolling the Catholic church, and points out the hypocrisy of the church after a Black Mass in Boston gets shut down by a swarm of Catholic protesters. The Catholic church has been in the news on an almost monthly basis for child abuse, with no real repercussions. The Satanic Temple, on the other hand, are being compared to ISIS, and having people shut them out of city hall functions. A lot of this works in the Temple's favour, showing that there is in fact no separation between church and state. Instead, the United States is a largely Christian nation.
All of these stunts do make a point, and they get a lot of attention. From applying to put up a satanic sculpture of Baphomet next to one of the ten commandments in Oklahoma, to getting same-sex couples to kiss on the mother of Fred Phelps' grave, which will supposedly turn her into a homosexual in heaven. These all become viral news stories that shock many, but raise questions about religious freedom and the separation of church and state.
This is an interesting film — it provides good detail into what the temple sets to accomplish, how they gain members, and what exactly their message is and sometimes it does feel like they are just a bunch of pranksters or contrarians. Even if that were true, they bring up good points and seem to be compassionate of others and their environment. They donate blood, pick up trash, and hold after-school programs, just like any other good-natured person. The only difference is the opposition hates them for it and wants them to go away. Give them a break!
(Mongrel Media)