Get Your Smiling Poo Guys Ready: Sony Pictures Is Making an Emoji Movie

Get Your Smiling Poo Guys Ready: Sony Pictures Is Making an Emoji Movie

In a world that includes Joe Dirt 2, an upcoming Monopoly movie and all sorts of other tasteless depravity, it's easy to think that Hollywood has run out of bad ideas. Then, we're treated to some wonderful news like this: Sony Pictures is working on a new emoji movie. 

It's worth noting that the company is not exactly very good at the internet, but they'll still try to reach some of those smartphone-obsessed millennials with a new film from their animation studio.

As Deadline reports, Sony beat out two other studios to obtain the various smiley faces and weird, pixellated buildings for a new movie. The deal was worth close to seven figures. Since emoji don't have underlying rights, there are reportedly other emoji movies in the works as well. Insert your *dead inside because life is an inescapable hellscape emoji* here.

The project was co-written by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis (Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters), with the latter set to direct. 

No plot details have been unveiled, but here's hoping the movie stars the sassy nails girl emoji and her cat who has hearts for eyes as they must escape a floating Easter Island head in search of an elusive hot dog emoji.

Also, if they release an emoji movie and don't include this Chief Keef song, we're going to be seriously pissed.