​Get Another Sneak Peek at Netflix's 'The OA'

​Get Another Sneak Peek at Netflix's 'The OA'
Courtesy of Netflix
Netflix's upcoming show The OA tells the story of a blind 20-something woman named Prairie Johnson, who returns to the community she was raised in after missing for seven years. Yesterday, a clip revealed Johnson's return to home with her vision mysteriously restored, allowing her to actually see her parents for the first time.
The female protagonist won't tell her parents or the FBI what happened in the seven years since she's been gone, but in another new snippet from the show, we get to delve deeper into what may have transpired during that time.
The brief clip is packed with suspenseful, sinister, sci-fi vibes, and you can watch it right now in the player below.
As previously reported, the whole first season of The OA hits Netflix this Friday (December 16).