Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at We Are the City's 'Violent' Film

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at We Are the City's 'Violent' Film
We Are the City's last full-length arrived as Above Club, but the band are currently revisiting their 2014 record Violent, as its accompanying feature film of the same name prepares for a worldwide release.
Following past screenings at Cannes, TIFF's Canada's Top Ten Film Festival and the Vancouver International Film Festival, Violent will be hitting iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Vudu and Blu-ray/DVD on November 28. Order it here.
Before you screen the full-length film, however, Exclaim! is taking you behind-the-scenes with an exclusive clip from the making-of.
The film tells the story of protagonist Dagny — who, in the midst of a crisis, reflects on the people in her life that love her the most. With a vague concept for the movie and minimal equipment, the band flew to Norway back in 2012 to begin shooting.
"What followed in the next five weeks was, in all honesty, a series of lucky breaks," the band tell Exclaim! "From a serendipitous one week of casting, to the often rainy Bergen not raining a single photography day, to locations lining up triumphantly, it's hard to fathom or explain how everything... just worked. When we returned to Vancouver, the next months were spent translating every single take, finding ways to make the visual effects fit in to the footage we shot in Bergen (as pick-ups were pretty much impossible without returning to Norway), and watching everything come together."
The behind-the-scenes clip pieces together moments from pre-production, production and post, giving viewers a revealing look at "a group of earnest Canadians and Norwegians, fast friends, working and playing to make something special together."
Watch the bonus Violent footage below.
In addition to the film's worldwide release, the official soundtrack is available now, and you can stream "Astrid" from the OST down below, as well.