Gay Icon the Babadook Made a Strong Showing at the Los Angeles Pride Parade

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 12, 2017

The internet is an endless well of possibility, where revolutions are started and the world can be changed with a single click of the mouse. Perhaps more importantly, it's also a place where a top-hatted horror creature can emerge as a gay icon.

Over the last few weeks, a meme has been bubbling over that positions the Babadook — the titular character of Jennifer Kent's fantastic 2014 horror film — as a gay icon. According to Know Your Meme, it all started when the film showed up in Netflix's LGBT queue last year. Proving it wasn't an accident on the streaming service's part, the Babadook has inspired all sorts of discourse in the gay community.

It could have ended as a fun little online joke, but the Babadook's gay activism has moved from URL to IRL as the creature made a hugely strong showing at Los Angeles' pride parade over the weekend.

Vulture senior editor was there to capture the magic, and he detailed the Babadook's appearances via Twitter. Check out the best moments below.

For what it's worth, Kent is set to follow The Babadook with a more openly LGBT film. As previously reported, she's currently making the lesbian murder film Alice + Freda Forever

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