Frenchmen 2 Marc Esposito

The French title of this film, Le Coeur des Hommes 2, translates to The Heart of Men 2, which suggests that writer/director Marc Esposito, and likely others, believe the four men in this movie to be archetypal of all men. While these empty, moronic, rationalizing sluts may share characteristics with the Benz-driving corporate crowd, whose idea of a good time is to travel to Vegas and snort cocaine from a hooker's butt crack, there is little to identify with, or even remotely care about, for the rest of us. Somewhere along the way, someone decided to change the title to Frenchmen 2, implying that these behaviours are cultural. Jumping in four years after the original Frenchmen, this film starts with 57-year-old Jeff (Gerard Darmon) announcing to his three chums that he plans to move from his country house back to Paris with his 30-year-old wife (Zoe Felix). This reunites the gang, enabling their regular meetings and selective confessionals, which often focus on Alex (Marc Lavoine), who is attempting to rekindle his marriage to Nanou (Catherine Wilkening), despite having cheated on her approximately 400 times. Manu (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) is also cheating on his wife (Florence Thomassin) with Karine (Valerie Stroh), who is also married. Every once in awhile they try to justify these actions and babble on a bit about love, mistaking the tingly feeling they get when they see boobies for amour, but mostly they just indiscriminately bang anything with a vagina and occasionally argue with whatever spouse they happen to be cheating on. Sadly, it's not even the narrative of this film that blows, as the direction and lighting have that cheap television vibe, and the script would be best described as "crappy," as anything more erudite would be a waste of energy. DVD supplements include trailers only. (E1)