Fox Is Using New Technology to Make an Actual 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Movie

Fox Is Using New Technology to Make an Actual 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Movie
Children of the '80s, another one of your dreams is finally about to come true. Earlier today at CinemaCon, 20th Century Fox announced that they've licensed some new technology that will allow them to make an actual Choose Your Own Adventure movie.

Fox is working with Kino Industries' CtrlMovie technology, which allows viewers to use an app where they can vote on characters' actions in the theatre. The technology was previously utilized in a project called Late Shift in 2016.

Fox's president of domestic distribution Chris Aronson said, "Bringing game-changing, innovative technology to audiences and enhancing the cinematic experience has always been the cornerstone of the 20th Century Fox brand and our next venture is the outstanding CtrlMovie technology we are utilizing for Choose Your Own Adventure. This interactive experience, and the passionate, creative team behind this project, will allow the true spirit of the beloved book series to fall into the hands of fans around the world."

The Choose Your Own Adventure series has sold over 265 million copies worldwide, so a movie adaptation is not a bad idea. That said, we have a feeling Fox won't retain the kitschy vintage look of the novels.

Until we get more news on this movie series, watch a video demonstrating CtrlMovie's technology in Late Shift below.