Fox Is Bringing Back the Original '90210' in a Weird, Meta Way

The cast members will play themselves in a show about pitching a '90210' reboot
Fox Is Bringing Back the Original '90210' in a Weird, Meta Way
Beverly Hills, 90210 was one of the best bad TV shows of all time, and its follow-up reboot 90210 was similarly terrible and watchable. As such, it's definitely good news that Fox has decided to renew the show once more. That said, the latest remake is a weird one.

Fox will release a six-episode "event series" called 90210 this summer, but it's not as straightforward as you might expect.

Six actors from the original series — Jason Priestley (Brandon), Jennie Garth (Kelly), Ian Ziering (Steve), Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea), Brian Austin Green (David) and Tori Spelling (Donna) — will return, but this time they'll be playing themselves. 

Here's the show's official description:

Having gone their separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori reunite when one of them suggests it's time to get a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot up and running. But getting it going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself. What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast — whom the whole world watched grow up together — attempts to continue from where they left off?

For now, it's unclear if Luke Perry or Shannen Doherty will be involved with this bizarre reimagining of the property. Either way, you can watch a brief teaser for the new 90210 below.