'Fargo' Won't Be Back Until Spring 2017

'Fargo' Won't Be Back Until Spring 2017
The FX series Fargo recently completed its second season, and dontcha know it was another hit among fans and critics alike. The show was already renewed for a third season, but now creator Noah Hawley says we'll have to wait until 2017 for more episodes.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that Hawley asked fans to be patient during a conference call following the recent season finale. "The reality is you won't see it in 2016," he said. "It's a winter show for better or worse. There is not time to shoot another year before this winter is over."

Hawley added that they won't put the show into production until they've written at least 80 percent of its script. Here's his statement about that process:

It's also very important to me and the other producers that we separate the writing from production. We take our time and break the whole story, write eight of the 10 hours at least and we end up knowing exactly what we're doing and exactly what the whole story is. We're going through the writing process now. I've written the first hour, we're about halfway through breaking the season. We'll be writing over the next few months with the idea we'll go into production, much like our first year, in November and be back on the air in spring of 2017.

Keeping with the show's anthology format, the third season of Fargo will take place in a different location and era. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.