​Even John Legend's Wife Thinks He Looks Like 'Arthur'

​Even John Legend's Wife Thinks He Looks Like 'Arthur'
Over the last week, the Internet has been infiltrated with meme-making Twitter users pointing out the similarities between beloved kids show character Arthur and smooth-crooning soul singer John Legend.

Now, even Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen has weighed in on the ridiculous comparisons. In the ultimate meta meme move, she shared the original meme photo of the fist-clenching aardvark with the caption: "John when you tell him he looks like Arthur."

On his part, Legend denies having any prior knowledge of the title character from the popular animated series Arthur.

We're not saying there's a Polkaroo situation going on here; but we've also never seen Arthur and Legend in the same room at the same time, now have we?

Legend recently released his latest album Darkness and Light, and also co-stars in the Oscar-buzzing La La Land.