Ed Westwick Is Back Filming 'White Gold'

The actor was cleared of sexual assault allegations earlier this year
Ed Westwick Is Back Filming 'White Gold'
After being cleared of sexual assault allegations, actor Ed Westwick is now back at work on the new season of White Gold.

The Gossip Girl star posted a photo of himself today on the set of the BBC/Netflix comedy, showing he was back on set working on the series. White Gold had previously been put on hold following the allegations made against Westwick.

The actor had vehemently denied the various allegations against him, and in July, Westwick was informed that he would not be prosecuted for any crime.

The fallout led to White Gold being pulled from last year's BBC Christmas schedule, and his part was even temporarily recast. Westwick's scenes were also cut from the Agatha Christie BBC drama Ordeal by Innocence.

At this point, it's unclear when White Gold — which also stars Inbetweeners actors Joe Thomas and James Buckley — will return, however.

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