The Dudesons Movie Jukka Hilden and Jarno Laasala

"Pain is momentary, video is eternal,” explains Jarno Dudeson. Before Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine created Jackass, a group of four blonde dudes with a piglet up on a ranch in Finland were doing even crazier shit than the MTV pranksters. Maybe it’s the cold air or the limited daylight but the Dudesons pull idiotic pranks and attempt life threatening stunts that Steve-O, Chris Pontius, et al., wouldn’t touch with someone else’s severed limb. Like Jackass: The Movie, The Dudesons Movie revels in the madness these characters visit every time they wake up, or even while they’re asleep — check out Jukka getting an aluminium bat to his nuts while he’s out or Jarno being set on fire and waking up ten seconds after. Unlike Jackass though, The Dudesons isn’t so much a running series of pranks and stunts as it is a story and profile of these fanatical Finns. There’s really little these guys wouldn’t do. Jarppi’s belly becomes a human dartboard for Bam Margera and the Bloodhound Gang, which is followed by two real beer bottles getting smashed against his head. Jukka gets seriously injured with a pellet to the chest from a shotgun that forces blood into his lungs. And if you’re having intercourse with a girl, be prepared to be interrupted by a video camera and caught on film. Endorsed by Steve-O and Bam (as well as his parents), The Dudesons is for any fan of extremely stupid, dangerous stunts. If Jackass isn’t hazardous enough, this will be right up your alley. (Rabbit/Warner)