Donald Trump to Host 'SNL'

Donald Trump to Host 'SNL'
NBC Universal and comically coiffed Republican buffoon Donald Trump had a very un-amicable falling out this summer, as the presidential hopeful's heinous comments about Mexican immigrants led the network to cancel his Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants and axe him as the host of Celebrity Apprentice. Now, however, Trump is preparing to return to NBC as the host of the November 7 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Not coincidentally, this episode falls during sweeps, when networks are jockeying for the highest ratings. Trump's presidential campaign has proved that, despite (or more likely because of) his tendency to stick his foot in his mouth with a horrible off-colour comment, he attracts high ratings.

Of course, the 69-year-old has been the butt of near-constant jokes on comedy shows, including SNL, and this hosting gig appearance is bound to give him a chance to prove that he has a sense of humour about his hair. While Trump was long the front-runnier in Republican polls, his support has been waning as of late, so perhaps he sees this appearance as a chance to give his campaign a boost. When he clashed with NBC Universal a few months back, he declared, "NBC is weak."

Sia will be the musical guest for the show. Unlike Neil Young and R.E.M., evidently she doesn't mind having her music associated with the Donald.

This isn't the mogul's first time hosting the weekly sketch show. He hosted SNL more that a decade ago, back in 2004. Watch his promo video from that appearance below.